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Fedena is an open source enterprise software for schools and colleges, that is widely used across the globe. Having an open source version, it is downloaded, used easily. Fedena Pro, the paid version, has 40,000+ institutions as users across the world.
Spinov is associated to Foradian Technologies, whose flagship product Fedena is, since start. We have been developing open source Fedena products and providing service for the same. Later via the official Fedena technology partner program with Foradian technologies, marked the start of authorized customization and service for Fedena at Spinov.
Following are the services offered exclusively for Fedena
Fedena Installation
and Integration

We help the client to have Fedena and associated services running in their own servers. This will include
  • Installing and configuring Fedena in client servers
  • Installing and integrating Moodle to Fedena
  • Installing and integrating Big Blue Button to Fedena
  • Biometric Attendance and Smart Card/RIFD Integration

Fedena is so well organized, that it meets all major requirements of clients without drastic customization, except in certain cases.The question of customization arises when you would like to have some additions in the Fedena that you hold, or if you require slight changes in the operating pattern of Fedena. The customization is done in two different formats, which ever is feasible - customization via plug-in architecture and customizing the core Fedena. The former plugs in a set of codes to the core whereas the latter, alters the source code as such.
Fedena Hosting
We have different plans to host Fedena. Each one is separately tailored to suit normal clients and enterprise level clients. Hosting Fedena via Spinov gives the client certain privileges. The client need not bother about the server, the functionalities and other associated technical parameters. The database too will be managed by our team. All you need to do is, send us the source code!

Added to that, if you want the source code to be moved and Fedena hosted in your server, that could be done so easy and you get the database management service too from Spinov. Any bug that is reported on the application side shall be notified to the client at the earliest, which adds to the advantage.

Starter plan

Starting from

$ 800

1 GB Resource upload
Multischool support
Instant Setup
Free source code update
Amazone S3 support
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Enterprise plan


100 +


1 GB Resource upload
Multischool support
Instant Setup
Free source code update
Amazone S3 support
High Availability
Unlimited email service
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