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A little more about us !

Spinov, that began as a tech start up an year ago is now on the track of software development and business and has its operations in Kerala, Karnataka and Abu Dhabi. At present, the company deals with web application development, web hosting, portals and at the same time holds fedena service as its key . On a more serious note, the team provides technical solutions, focusing on Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and PHP at the back end, backbone.js, node.js, ember.js etc at the front end. In addition to development, we also focus on distributed object-oriented platform using technologies like hadoop, MongoDB etc
Coming back to the key, Spinov, definitely stands apart from companies who customize Fedena. Why because our current development team holds professionals who were once lead developers in the Fedena development team in the parent company of Fedena which gives us the advantage of quick requirement analysis and right idea on how to work on the product.
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Our Services

Those wonderful things that we could do for you.
Of course, quality is job one!
We specilize in developing softwares that meet the current business and industry standards yet simple to use. The perfectly crafted applications will indeed help you to optimize your business and take it to a better level. For us every project is specific to the client requirement. Tell us what is in your mind, we will help you turn it to codes.
Following are our key services
Fedena Service
Fedena is an open source enterprise software for schools and colleges, that is widely used across the globe. Having an open source version, it is downloaded, used easily. Fedena Pro, the paid version, has 40,000+ institutions as users across the world.
Spinov is associated to Foradian Technologies, whose flagship product Fedena is, since start. We have been developing open source Fedena products and providing service for the same.
Mobile Application

It is tablets and smart phones all around. You feel great and relieved carrying your business, on the go. Mobile Applications help you with this. Never mind which phone you use, cross platform mobile applications shall serve the purpose, to the best. All the services that your product offers can be crunched and transformed to mobile application, enhancing ease of use. If you wish you had a mobile application for your business, be it any operating system , we have the solution. So GO MOBILE !
Work flow Application

Automation is something that makes people really comfortable. When it comes to business, even it is some really small part that gets automated, it will help putting down the cost of corresponding man power that was earlier involved or may be it saves time. A workflow application is a software application which automates, to at least some degree, a process or processes. For example a billing software or a clinic visitor management system or anything of that kind. Do you think a work flow application is essential in your business? Share your queries with us. We'll find a software solution for you.

The modern business strategists recommend use of an ERP software to run business. The reason in a line is ERP provides an integrated real-time view of the core business processes. The ERP systems available in the market cater the client need to a great extent but in some business it may not be easy to find the right ERP solution. The best option then is to customize the existing ERP or in some case build a new ERP software. Spinov already has its team working in the field ERP development and customization.

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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
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We are looking out for people who are talented and of course passionate working on design, computer programs and business. Do you think you are one ? Write to us, we'll definitely get back

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Interested in working with us?

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